Project Failed

Sorry for the long delay, I should have put this up about a year ago. We ran into some trouble with zoning. Nothing related to the Earthship specifically. But building on the spot on the land where we wanted is not an option. We have a plan in place for just such a contingency. We hope to make another attempt in the future, but it maybe several years away.

This site has seen traffic drop significantly and most of the comments are spam. I’ve gone through and approved any outstanding comments that are not spam and closed down the comment system. The domain will lapse in the next few months. When we start up on the next attempt, I will get a new site setup, maybe here, maybe on a new URL.

I want to thank everyone for the support we did get.


Still No News

I’m very happy to see that this site is still getting traffic and I’m excited by the interest. Our interest in the project has not waned and I hope to have some news soon. We are still planning and saving and I’ll update the site as soon as we have anything to report.

Quick Update

We’ve had a few replies and offers to help which is really exciting with how little we’ve posted so far. I just wanted to put up a quick post saying that everything is still going forward as planned. We’ve hit a little snag that the zoning is more complicated that we thought; this is unrelated to the house being an Earthship. We may not have any further updates until November, but when we have news we will post it.

The Beginning

Over the next few years we will document our progress building an Earthship in Michigan. We purchased land in Woodhull Township on July 6th, 2012. Over the next few months we will be finalizing our building plans and getting the permits need to begin construction. We expect to break ground in the spring of 2013.