The Beginning

Over the next few years we will document our progress building an Earthship in Michigan. We purchased land in Woodhull Township on July 6th, 2012. Over the next few months we will be finalizing our building plans and getting the permits need to begin construction. We expect to break ground in the spring of 2013.

10 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Hello im interested in building an earth ship in michigan as well let me know how the permit pulling goes in your twp or county and maybe I can find Property in same county or whatever thank you for your time!

  2. I have been interested in zero carbon building for awhile but have not seen any one trying it in Michigan. I’m am looking forward to your progress.

  3. Hello

    am interested in learning to do what you are doing. If i could come help you I would love to volunteer my services in exchange for knowledge!!


  4. I am very excited to see the development of an earthship in Michigan. I have been in love with earthships since I first learned of them, and am very interested in seeing how it turns out for you. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. :))

  5. I’d like to help and learn if I can. I’m interested in using this method as well in the Ann Arbor area. Good luck!

  6. I’m near Ann Arbor, and would love to to help/learn. Also planning on building my own someday, but somewhere more affordable. Hoping to find a good spot up near Traverse City. I’ve been a huge fan of the concept for years, own all the books, have seen all of the videos and probably every earthship image on the internet :)

    In case it can help someone else:
    My recent idea to help afford my dream earthship is to first build the simple survival model toward the front of a nice piece of land, since they can be built for around $10k. Now save as much as possible, since I’ll have no utility bills and little or no mortgage payment. Then build my dream home on the nicest part of the land. When the dream home is done, we turn the survival model into a rental cabin. I know I sure would pay a premium to stay in an earthship without going to NV.

    Please let me know if/when you need help!

  7. I am interested in doing this eventually in Northwest Mi. I would like to bring friends and help and learn with you. Please contact me and GOOD LUCK! Thank you for building the right way!

  8. I too, wish to live off grid. In self sustainable mode ….couldnt we all work together to build a community of like minded. I wish to help also. Please update site and contact me.

  9. Greetings!
    It is now July 6th 2013. HEY did you go completely off the grid??? No new updates. How are you doing on your Earthship house? I am very interested in this. Please update so we can see your progress. Thank you.

    Best Regards

  10. I’d love to see any of these developments in Michigan. I ran into this page but I don’t see any photos or any more news of its progress. Have you started construction yet? Any news/photos to share?? Thanks!

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